Complete guide to make video from photo in linux

Take a photo, send to web by curl

gopro fisheye removal / correction - avconv, mogrify


mkdir video
avconv -i GOPR0001.MP4 -same_quant video/%09d.png
mogrify -distort barrel "0 0 -0.18" video/*.png
avconv -r 60 -i video/%09d.png -c:v libx264 nofish.avi


Tricks avconv/ffmpeg, SOX, ImageMagick

Convert video to images:

avconv -i -sameq output/%09d.png
avconv -i -same_quant output/%09d.png

Create video / timelapse: 5frames/s, best quality -qscale 1

ffmpeg -r 5 -qscale 1 -i input/%09d.jpg output.avi

Rename/sort images for avconv/ffmpeg input criteria:

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