Howto start develop Android application - guide


1) Install Software:
Download and install Java JDK (Java SE Development Kit): (32bit recommended)
Download and unzip ADT (Android Developer Tools) to your custom directory:

2) Configure enviroments:
Run unziped Eclipse: adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20140321\eclipse\eclipse.exe
Help – Install New Software - Add
Eclipse do nabídky Windows – Preferences – Android a do políčka napravo zadejte cestu k místu, kam jste rozbalili SDK z druhého kroku instalace.

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Communication With repository at failed error
Add to end of the file: Eclipse\eclipse.ini

Window->Preferences->General->Network Connections (edit proxy)

No cpu/abi system image available for this target
-> "SDK Manager.exe" -> Android x.x.x -> ARM EABI v7a System Image -> Install package (

3) Run SDK Manager.exe
Select fields:
Android SDK Tools
Android SDK Platform-tools
Android X.X.X (APIXX)
 -> SDK Platform
 -> ARM EABI v7a System Image

Click button "Install XX packages.."

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SDK Manager->Tools->Options->Set proxy


Examples and downloads: